A sneak look at current development work

Yes, we are still actively working on this project despite the lull in updates here lately.

Click here to see a snapshot of what's currently being done for the next version

New release 3.1.5091.25595

We are happy to say that a new version of the simulator is available for download. Please check the forum (under community tab at the top) and go to the download section to read the changelog and see what's new with this version, and how to download it.

Progress on new release

Veteran forum members now have access to the closed beta that was in testing the last several months. If you are a veteran forum member you can find the information to download this release in the veterans forum. Provided no major bugs are found, this should go public by Christmas.

More programming tutorials?

I realize the programming tutorials section has been sparse. I am planning on changing this soon hopefully, with some new additions. Unfortunately, since Microsoft discontinued working on XNA, it is rather pointless to create new XNA specific tutorials. I will instead be working on more general subjects. Just because it won't be XNA doesn't mean I won't be disregarding game development entirely, however, as I plan on creating some Unity3D tutorials as well.

Testing in progress

The dev team is working on testing updates to the program which will be released soon to veteran forum members. Soon thereafter, barring any unforeseen major bugs, a public release will follow. Make sure to check out the forums for all the latest information on this upcoming release!

Version 3.1 has been released!

The public version of the 3.1 simulator has been released. Go to the download section to find out where to get it!

A look at v3.1

The dev staff is working on ensuring v3.1 is as bug free as possible before release. While you wait for it to be released, take a look at this short preview video which shows off some of the new additions since 3.0.

Color transitions

Added a short new programming article on color transitions in XNA.

Status of versions 2 and 3

Here is a long overdue update for the main page. About two months ago, one of the National Weather Service data source sites changed the format of their data, which broke both versions of the simulator. Normally this would not be a big issue as the change was minor and easily fixed, but we were already well into development for the next major release at the time the change took place. We do use source control, however since the next major release uses XNA4 instead of 3, an upgrade from Visual Studio 2008 to 2010 was required, as XNA4 refuses to run on 2008.

v3 is now available!

Version 3 of the simulator has now been released to the public. This completes a two year process of extensive testing and development. We hope you enjoy all the work that went into it! Head on over to the forums for information on how to download v3.


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